Foreign Born Population in Britain

Using data from the National Office of Statistics LSE's Ben Wilson worked with designer John Holmes to show the top foreign born population in the UK by region.

International Migration

This poster visualises migration mobility patterns by continent and country.

Attitudes towards HIV in Eastern Zimbabwe

This poster visualises community groups’ attitudes towards people with HIV/AIDS in Eastern Zimbabwe.

Withdrawal from Vietnam

This is a visualisation of withdrawal plans from the Vietnam War under the Kennedy and Nixon administrations.

Eating Behaviour

This poster visualises a theoretical framework that attempts to assess the desirable body weight as perceived by society from a health and a welfare perspective.

Environmental Paradiplomacy

This film focuses on Sao Paolo's involvement in paradiplomacy to address global environmental concerns.

Punishing with Care

This films examines the role of ethics in shaping state criminal punishment decision-making.

British Perceptions of Immigrants

This film explores the ways in which members of the British position themselves towards immigrants in the UK.

Urban City Age Surveys

This film presents the key concerns of citizens from São Paulo, Istanbul, Mumbai and London about their cities