International Migration

Designer Tamisha Harris worked together with researcher  Ben Wilson to visualise mobility patterns by continent and country.

Ben is doing his PhD at the Department of Social Policy  and says ‘ My research is on migration and the effects that migration has on other life events. To begin with I want to explore variation in childbearing between foreign-born and native-born women in England and Wales. I am also interested to explore different ways of visualising migration information: numbers of people, the movement of people, and the different experiences of migrants in comparison to those who don’t migrate. There are some very interesting challenges here. For example, how should we show changing migration patterns? Are maps the best way?  Or discover something better than a map for communicating the big picture?’


Census, social surveys, and vital events (e.g. birth registrations).

Have a look at some of Ben’s written work 


Design by Tamisha Harris, MA Graphic Moving Image

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