Oral Polio Vaccine: : Controversy in the Nigerian Press


Designer Kwok Ho Geoff Li and researcher Bankole Falade worked together on this film that aims to map the changes in media coverage on the Oral Polio Vaccine crisis in Nigeria between 2001-2009.

Bankole, Department of Social Psychology says  ‘My PhD research focuses on science in Nigeria. Nigeria’s strong religious culture and the recent controversy over the Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) present an opportunity to look at how scientific knowledge becomes part of the common sense of a particular culture, how science is adopted or adapted (and maybe rejected) and used by the public.

Analysing Nigerian news coverage on the Nigerian Polio crisis, I am interested in how the media mirrors changes in the way public debates are framed over a ten-year period. Who are the actors at the beginning, what are the frames, what are the genres of communication? What frames (or actors) leave the debate and when? And what frames survive? We are drawing a map of changes in public opinion about a controversy over a ten year period’.


Design by Kwok Ho Geoff Li, PgDip Design for Visual Communication