Urban City Age Surveys


The film was developed by designer Can Timor in collaboration with by Jens Kandt, LSE Cities and  visualises data collected as part of the Urban Age Programme ,which looks at various social, economic and spatial issues in cities globally. City surveys have been conducted that analyse and compare how residents of different cities are feeling about their cities and are responding to the challenges of social inclusion, the environment, transport, security and urban governance.


Surveys, Sample: Representative Households/ Random Sampling

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Design by  Can Timor , MA Graphic Moving Image

Can describes his approach of developing the film.

Because of the large volume of data generated by the Urban Age City Surveys, I had to choose a particular aspect of research to focus on. To do that I used the graphics Jens sent to me and created graphics and diagrams myself as well to see which category of data is most interesting and appropriate to use. After looking at the data that was available for different questions, I chose the topic of safety firstly because this is an interesting and significant subject for rapidly growing cities; and secondly there was data available for all cities. To give a general idea, I gave information about the best and the worst things about living in these four cities. After noting down all the data I needed, I made a simple storyboard. Then I started working on the video according to the concepts and borders that is consistent with the subject.


Apart from the intro I chose Clarendon and its variations because I think fonts with slab serifs work well with kinetic typography.


For a while I was torn between drawing illustrations and using found images. Using my own illustrations would allow me to create any visual I want. But using found visuals and creating compositions (collages) relates more to the concept of urbanisation for me.


Initially I was thinking about a voice over for this project. This would save time and focus more on the visuals instead of trying to give information through kinetic words and sentences. But I think it is a risky option that could ruin the work. Jen also advised me not to use voice over to avoid overkill with information. He suggested to use music that is not overwhelming.I chose Luv deluxe by Cinnamon Chasers, because of its pacey and modern characteristics that I relate with the keywords such as grow, urban, population etc. I used foley recordings in some scenes as well to support the audio.


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