What is Information Visualisation

Although there are different definitions and related terms such as infographics, information design, data visualisation to name a few, we see information visualisation as a mapping between data and a visual representations (Lev Manovic, 2011).

If we want to differentiate between Information Design and Informational Visualisation, the former starts with the data and the aim is to represent them visually, whereas the latter aims to explore and reveal structures and patterns in a dataset.


An example of Information Visualisation is the Stick Man, the first visual map of the universe in 1986

Image Taken from Iconoclash, Beyond the Image-Wars in Science, Religion and Art (edited by Peter Weibel and Bruno Latour), ZKM and MIT Press, p. 312, 2002


An example of Information Design is the Tube Map 1931 by Harry Beck