British Perceptions of Immigrants


Designer João Jorge Pereira and researcher Stavroula Tsirogianni worked together on this film  to visualise the ways in which members of the British public position themselves towards immigrants in the UK.

Stavroula Tsirogianni, Department of Methodology and Gordon Sammut, University of Malta, say ‘in this research we explore what types of points of view and values British people express when they talk about immigrants in the UK. We are interested in the ways in which they fail or not to take the perspective of immigrants and the values they use to position themselves towards them. The film enabled us to communicate the data,originally represented in the form of a complex table, in a more informative and persuasive way ‘


Interviews with 20 members of the British public. The data presented in the film were analysed using discourse analysis.

Findings so far…

We found that there were three different ways in which British people positioned themselves vis-à-vis immigrants. These types were demarcated on the basis of an underlying tendency for perspective-taking. These are: a) Positive recognition without perspective taking, b) Partial perspective taking, and c) Perspective-taking or ‘Fusion of Horizons.


Design by  João Jorge Pereira, MA Graphic Design

Joao developed two film versions relating to Stavroula’s and Gordon’s research. To find out about his approach in producing the first film, read Joao’s Visual Summary. You can watch first the film below .