Punishing with Care


In this film , designer Giulio Cipone works with Helen Brown Coverdale  to visualise her theoretical ideas that have emerged from here research about the role of ethics in shaping state criminal punishment decision-making.

Helen, Law Department, says ‘My research takes a care ethics perspective on state criminal punishment, considering how the methods of practical moral reasoning and underlying values of the ethic of care might be used to provide normative guiding principles for sentencing decision-making and delivery. My wider research interests are in political and legal theory include rights and duties, civic republicanism, citizenship, human rights and equality. My work has been funded by an AHRC Doctoral Studentship’


My research is conceptual. I’m working on whether and how understanding state criminal punishment from the perspective of the ethic of care can help provide sentencing guidelines.

Findings so far…

A care perspective might:

1) help improve guidance for practitioners with sentencing decision-making and delivery

2) help us to more reliably treat offenders morally appropriately as human beings during punishment

3) help us to more reliably recognise caring activities and identify morally problematic harms within punishment practices

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Design by  Giulio Cipone, PgDip Design for Visual Communication, LCC

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