European Opinions about Biotechnology and the Life Sciences


Designer Firas Ghannam and researcher Sally Stares, Department of Methodology, worked to produce this short animation that documents the changes in the European public opinion about GM food (Genetically Modified) together with key moments in the history of food biotechnology between 1991 and 2010.

Sally says ‘In my research, I study the opinions the European public holds about biotechnology and the life sciences. The objectives to paint a broad picture of people’s attitudes, beliefs, opinions and knowledge about biotechnology, across Europe.

Biotechnologies have the potential to change our lives in dramatic ways. Decisions regarding whether and how they are developed should be taken with a sensitivity to the concerns of citizens. Survey data provide one important source of information about this. People’s perceptions of biotechnology are connected in fascinating ways to their social values, cultural contexts, and so on. It is important to understand patterns of variation and similarity from country to country, as well as within countries.

Data used

Public opinion survey data (Eurobarometer surveys) available for 32 countries


Design by Firas Ghannam. MA Graphic Branding and Identity

Find out more about Firas’s design process in developing the film Firas_Ghannam_ Visual Summary

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