Immigration to the UK


Designer Ilona Narusberg worked with Ben WilsonDepartment of Social Policy, using data from the National Office of Statistics, to map the movement, settlement and employment of migrants coming from ‘Accession A8 Countries’.

Ben says ‘ My research is on migration and the effects that migration has on other life events. To begin with I want to explore variation in childbearing between foreign-born and native-born women in England and Wales. I am also interested to explore different ways of visualising migration information: numbers of people, the movement of people, and the different experiences of migrants in comparison to those who don’t migrate. There are some very interesting challenges here. For example, how should we show changing migration patterns? Are maps the best way?  Or discover something better than a map for communicating the big picture?’


Census, social surveys, and vital events (e.g. birth registrations)

Have a look at some of Ben’s written work 


Design  by Ilona Narusberg, MA Graphic Branding and Identity,

Ilona says ‘For the last two years I had a personal interest in statistics related to UK immigration, particularly, concerning the immigrants coming from so called “Accession 8 countries”. “Accession country” refers to a new member state in the process of joining the European Union (EU). On 1 May 2004, the EU expanded to 25 nations. Czech Republic, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Latvia and Slovakia were defined as the “Accession 8” or A8. Being Latvian myself I have experienced varied opinions on Latvians in UK regarding employment, income and habitation’.

Ilona takes us through her design approach and process  Visual Summary: A8 Migration Book