Conversations with Science


Designer Marta Podeszwa worked with researcher Martin BauerDepartment of Methodology to map how scientists are stereotypically represented in the British Science News between 1946 to 1992.

Martin says’ The seed of this project is an ongoing analysis of the British Press since 1946, how it covers science and technology over the years, how it frames the big stories of the times from nuclear power,  to space race, to information technology and computing,  the environment and biotechnology.

The story includes three questions: why is there science coverage at all? Why is science coverage not the same over the period? why is it fluctuating between hi and low periods of coverage? What themes do the stories cover? How do the scientists appear, what image do they get? What are the expectations raised about science and technology?

I am always looking for visual and graphical illustrations of the changing science coverage to make the story more lively and to appeal to a non-specialist audience, as well as to create some excitement for the history of popular science’


News coverage of science and technology, mainly daily British newsprint; secondary analysis of other research materials; content analysis, time-series graphics, correspondence analysis, descriptive statistics


Design by Marta Podeszwa, MA Grahic Branding and Identity

Marta describes the design process in developing the film in her visual summary Marta Podeszwa_Martin Bauer

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