Transferring Human Experience


Designer Rosanna Gnocchi worked with Saadhi Lahlou, Department of Social Psychology, to produce a film that explains a new method in social science research that aims to capture subjective experience through first-person audio-visual recording with a miniature video-camera.

Saadhi says  ‘We get first person perspective films (“subfilms”) from wearable miniature cameras (“subcams”).  We have a second stream of data where the subjects comment their own films. As they see their own film, they are put back into their own activity from their own perspective, and they access their episodic memory: full recollection of emotions, intentions and decision-making process. This technique is a major break-through in psychology. We are now able to transmit experience from person to person in a much richer way than ever thought possible;

We have students using the subcams to do research on policing, consumption, art, etc. This is great fun and has far-reaching implications for science but also society (inclusion, training etc.)’


Rosanna Gnocchi, MA Graphic Branding and Identity

Learn more about Rosanna’s design process in developing the film

Visual Summary_Transferring Human Experience