Big Data & New Business Models

 Poster_Open Data

Designer  Xiaoxue Che worked with researcher Carla Bonina, Management Department to create this promotional poster for an event on Big Data and New Business Models .


The Research 

Carla says ‘We study the value of open data for businesses and start-ups in the UK. We are just starting so this research is in process. There is increasing excitement about the potential economic and social benefits of using newly released public and private data in the economy. “Big data” and “open data” have received increasing attention in the UK from different fronts – those anxious about the economic impact from newly created businesses, those inspired by the social benefits of public service monitoring and those concerned with issues of about data ownership and privacy. We concentrate in the first of these aspects and show that the scenario is quite confusing. What new business models may emerge from the use of open data is yet unclear and the values to extract from the use of open data are overrated’.


Design by Xiaoxue Che, Mdes Service Design Innovation

Xiaoxue says ‘I started my research by picking several keywords associated with ‘big data’, such as digital, technique, media comments and etc, in order to find suitable visual elements. I concentrated on  the word ‘digital’ and  pixel is a physical point in digital imaging, a smallest addressable element in a display device. John Maeda’s work as a graphic design and computer scientists was very inspirational. He combines his expertise in software development with traditional artistic methods. I tried  to use different way to depict the characters of big data. I used organised alphabets to describe the massive digital data, which is based on the rule of pixel’.

Xiaoxue gives more information about  her design process in her  visual summary