Community Institutions and Communal Resource Management in Massingir, Mozambique


Designers Elias Freiberger and Ryan Tung worked with researcher Simona Montanari, International Development to visualise in this poster the multiple roles and activities of community members and leaders in relation to land and forest management in Mozambique.


The Research 

Simona says ‘My research is about community-based property of land in Mozambique. Using ethnographic methods I am looking at how the community decision making in relation to land and forest resources is influenced by the multiple interactions between a vertically-shaped community leadership, the grassroots structure of the government party and the institutions of the local state.

What I have found so far is that common representations of local communities as compact, self-contained realities hide important horizontal and vertical relations of authority and power and brush off the multiple offices and roles covered by community members within different but interconnected organisations (community, party, local state institutions). I wanted to visualise the multiple roles of different community members and the interconnection between structures and organisations (party and local state) that encompass and absorb the local community.’


Design by Elias Freiberger, MA Graphic Moving Image &  Ryan Tung, MA Graphic Design

Elias and Ryan say ‘ In the beginning we didn’t have any data to work with so we focused on the issues that Simona wanted to visualise. Unfortunately we got the data too late and we did not have time to experiment visually. The result is a broad sheet that contains the data that she provided us’ .

Elias explains the design process in this short video.