Underground Sociabilities

Poster 1st Version_underground-sociabilities


Designer  Angela Bacon produced with researcher Jacqueline Priego-Hernandez, Department of Social Psychology  this inforgraphic to visualise some of the key findings that emerged from the Underground Sociabilities project in a social media friendly way. It aims to capture key processes of social development and exclusion in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas.


The Research

Jacqui says ‘The Underground Sociabilities research is about culture, identity and resistance in Rio’s Favelas. It examined the lifeworlds of favela communities and the work of two local organisations, AfroReggae and CUFA, to systematise and disseminate effective experiences of social development. We want to disseminate the research findings in media-friendly format to address art and youth organisations, non-expert audiences eg. NGOs engaged in social development’.


Design by Angela Bacon, MA Graphic Moving Image

Angela says ‘The greatest challenge for me was to summarise and illustrate the findings without loosing its accuracy and make it look superficial. I had to read the whole report and understand it. So I took a lot of notes to try to organise my ideas about the research and to find a story to tell to non-academic audiences. I worked with Jacqueline through lots of emails and skype conversations to ensure that I was understanding correctly the research and that she was happy with my ideas’.

Angela takes us through his design approach and process in her visual summary and process  film.