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Collaboration is often key to deliver innovative research and the most creative solutions. The Visual Rhetoric constructs a model of knowledge exchange that is locally and globally innovative aiming to:

• To establish a unique model of collaboration between a Social Science Institution and an Arts College that is built into the research process rather than as an ‘add on’.

• To make social research more accessible to non-expert audiences allowing for a broader public debate on social issues.

• To reinforce the impact of social research and the social relevance of design.

• To encourage an interdisciplinary dialogue on how to bring words, numbers and images together without diluting the quality, relevance and integrity of evidence while also sharing research stories in a way that everyone can understand and enjoy.

• To provide a framework for new forms of exchange, learning, teaching and collaboration beyond the disciplines with which designers and social scientists are familiar.

• To inspire creative and flexible thinking and risk taking that are needed to address complex social and economic issues.


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