Current Projects

This page features the design outputs that were produced by researchers and designers participating in the 2013 annual cycle of collaborations.

Product Level Embodied Carbon in International Trade

This animation visualises the balance of global embodied carbon flows and trade between the 20 top countries that are production and/or consumption centres. The film particularly focuses on the carbon flows between Latin and North America. The study is a first attempt to measure global embodied carbon in bilateral-trade at the product level.

What Story do the Data Tell?

This short animation aims to visualise the coding and analytical process of qualitative data.

New Economy, Old Politics: The Mexican Experience of Economic Restructuring using Competition Policy in Telecommunications, 1990 to 2004

This print poster visualises the international, regional and domestic forces between 1990-2004 that have shaped the development of competition policy in Mexican telecommunications.

Demands of Social Care

This poster aims to capture the relationship between private health insurance and state systems when it comes to the future of funding for care and support systems.