Here you can find a variety of graphic design work in moving formats that were produced between researchers and designers since 2012.

The Politics of Labour Rights Protection and Resistance in China

This short animated film focuses on the working conditions and labour rights of workers in China.

Product Level Embodied Carbon in International Trade

This animation visualises the balance of global embodied carbon flows and trade between the 20 top countries that are production and/or consumption centres. The film particularly focuses on the carbon flows between Latin and North America. The study is a first attempt to measure global embodied carbon in bilateral-trade at the product level.

What Story do the Data Tell?

This short animation aims to visualise the coding and analytical process of qualitative data.

Socialization in Open Source Development: A Case Study

This short animated film aims to capture the idea, methodology and key findings behind the MIFOS project, which looks at the different social interactions that underpin the process of developing and sharing open code.