Here you can find a variety of graphic design work in static formats that have been produced between researchers and designers from 2009 to 2013.

Underground Sociabilities

This inforgraphic aims visualises some of the key findings that emerged from the Underground Sociabilities project in a social media friendly way. It aims to capture key processes of social development and exclusion in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas.

Community Institutions and Communal Resource Management in Massingir, Mozambique

This posters aims to capture the multiple roles and activities of community members and leaders in the decision making process about the management of communal land and forest resources in Mozambique.

Big Data & New Business Models

This is a promotional poster created for an event about Big Data and New Business Models .

New Economy, Old Politics: The Mexican Experience of Economic Restructuring using Competition Policy in Telecommunications, 1990 to 2004

This print poster visualises the international, regional and domestic forces between 1990-2004 that have shaped the development of competition policy in Mexican telecommunications.